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Gum Rejuvenation and Receding Gum Treatment

Do you have a receding gum line?  Are you worried that your gums are shrinking, revealing too much of your teeth with yellowed sensitive roots?  Have you had fillings placed for gumline cavities that are stained and unattractive? Have you lost your youthful smile and are you now literally looking long in the tooth?  At Benicia Family Dentistry we can provide you with the best options for gum rejuvenation and gum surgery.

Pinhole Surgical Technique ( P.S.T.)

Both Dr. Barry Parish and Dr. Brandy Hutchens are fully trained in the Chao Pinhole gum procedure. It is a revolutionary technique free of scalpels and sutures, which can correct receding gum lines with comfort and less recovery time. Using a tiny 0.1 inch “pinhole”, Dr. Parish and Dr. Hutchens gently loosen the gum tissue and glide it over the receded teeth.  There is no invasive cutting, no wounds that need stitches, or unwanted symptoms so common with other surgeries. No slicing of the roof of your mouth is necessary for donor grafts. Many of our patients also are pleasantly surprised by the instant cosmetic improvement that they see that very same day.

Who can benefit from pinhole surgery?

Anyone who has receding gums is a potential candidate. Whether it happened from brushing too hard, grinding your teeth, damage from gum disease, or orthodontic braces – it does not matter. Receding or shrinking gums can range from slight to severe.  Whether you feel like you look too “toothy”, or the roots of your teeth are beginning to be exposed, pinhole gum treatment can help.


Other options for gum rejuvenation

Although we believe that the Pinhole Gum Lift is the best option for gum restoration, we assess every patient’s needs on an individual basis.  We will recommend a treatment plan that is specific to your gums and preferences.


Is this gum surgery too good to be true?

Not at all. It is very real and revolutionary. It was developed by Dr. John Chao, and is only available through dentists that have been personally trained by him.

Finding out more about a comfortable gum rejuvenation

If you would like to talk about your options between gum surgery and gum rejuvenation, then contact us today and we can schedule a complimentary consult and walk you through your options.