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Benicia Family Dentistry Staff

Our entire team has been assembled with service, safety and customer satisfaction in mind.



BFDentistryLogo5[1] (2) Registered Dental Assistants

As one of the first practices in California to adopt the latest dental license, our Registered Dental Assistants are at the forefront of the industry. Whether they are performing new patient interviews, placing and polishing fillings, filling root canals or cementing crowns they are always professional and courteous.


Ben Den 059 (21)Ben Den 039 (21)Ben Den 077 (21)Ben Den 051 (21)Ben Den 070 (21)

                Denise                                              Monica                                         Laurie                                           Jamie                                             Lauren


Ben Den 103 (21)Ben Den 081 (21)

                  Savana                                            Jaclyn


BFDentistryLogo5[1] (2) Certified Digital Designer

Our 100% Ceramic Cad-cam crowns are designed in-house providing the best possible service.


Ben Den 077 (21)




BFDentistryLogo5[1] (2) Dental Hygiene

Gum disease and Prevention Services are performed by our caring team of Dental Hygienists and Assistants.


Ben Den 126 (21)Ben Den 183 (21)Ben Den 055 (21)Debby Rocha (2)

                Lindsey W.                                         Cheri                                            Lindsey L.                                   Debby R.



BFDentistryLogo5[1] (2) Dental Assistant

Ben Den 088 (21)



BFDentistryLogo5[1] (2) Front of House and Administration

In an industry that expects less, we are proud that all of our front office staff are college educated, polite and customer oriented. With dedicated team members for office management, human resources, accounting and clinical operations your entire experience will be as smooth as possible.


Ben Den 171 (21)Ben Den 151 (21)Ben Den 156 (21)Ben Den 137 (21)

                Kellie                                              Stacey                                            Jennifer                                       Melissa